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Booker Prize 2022: Sovereign Partner to grant lofty award

The Queen’s consort will preside over the prestigious Booker Prize, a favorite of writers. After 2019, this grand festival will be held on a grand scale. One of the six finalists will be declared the winner and awarded the prize. The Booker Prize is expected to go to either Alan Graner, 88, or Claire Keegan, who won the Booker Prize for writing a short novel.

Two-time Booker Prize-winning author Hilary Mantel recently died at the age of 70. Tributes are paid to her. The six finalists for this award will personally attend the main event. One of them, Garner’s birthday was special on Monday.
Glory by Noviolet Bulawayo: This novel was written by a Zimbabwean author after the fall of Zimbabwean President Mugabe.

Booker Prize 2022: Sovereign Partner to grant lofty award
Booker Prize 2022

The trees by Precival Everett: This is a humorous novel that takes the story of racism and police action in the US and makes it very funny.

Treacle walker by Alan garner: This is a strange novel where the scenes of the characters are very surprising. It is a novel of imagination where the characters come alive.

The Seven Moons of Maali almeida by Shehan Karunatilaka: This is a novel about things that happen after death. Spirits are described as ghosts. This novel is very thrilling.

Small things like these by Claire Keegan: This is a wonderful book. The words contained in it are very valuable
He was able to write the entire world in 116 pages. It was written in 1985 based on a story set in an Iris town.

Oh William by Elizabeth Strout: Also wrote a novel called Kids. In this book he wrote about friendship love loneliness. One of these six will be nominated for the prize in 2022.

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