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FDA Warns: Don’t cook chicken in Nyquil

The Food and Drug Administration posted an advisory to consumers on Twitter that cooking chicken in Nyquil is dangerous. Many have responded in different ways about this challenge which has gone viral on Tik Tok recently. It is not safe. The FDA states that boiling a drug can alter its properties.

Tik Tok did not use the word ‘challenge’ in this regard, but many questioned whether they had ever tried to become a chicken. The FDA tweeted on Tuesday. This tweet is a bit controversial. It is said that there is a possibility of vaporization due to high levels of medicine added when people prepare chicken. It can harm your lungs. This causes us to unknowingly take excessive amounts of cough and cold medicines.

FDA Warns Don't cook chicken in Nyquil
FDA Warns Don’t cook chicken in Nyquil

Why boil chicken in NyQuil?

Its combination induces sleep quickly.

What is the chicken and NyQuil challenge?

US health regulators warned about the TikTok dangerous challenge that has teens cooking chicken with NyQuil. It goes viral on Twitter “sleepy chicken” trend involves cooking chicken breasts, marinated in NyQuil.

People are responding in Twitter “This is why America needs immigrants and people of color. Y’all are putting Nyquil on your chicken because you don’t know about spices. Help us help you. Help us make your chicken delicious. You won’t even get sleepy or dead, just a food coma”.

Lighten up. It’s about “the culture” moreso than skin color. Soulfood is connected to POC…but it doesn’t mean ONLY POC season their food. Same as w/ immigrants & their food customs. I’m VERY “sensitive” to racially toned comments. The food thang…ain’t one of ’em!

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