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Hair Loss: Good News for You

The drug is called Baricitinib. It is used in the NHS for arthritis, severe covid and dermatitis. The first drug to treat alopecia hair loss has been given the green signal because the NHS will fund it. Alopecia, a hair loss condition, affects about 40% of women and 30% of men.

Hollywood a famous star and 100,000s Britons also suffer from the debilitating condition. The drug is already in use on the NHS for a number of conditions including arthritis, dermatitis and severe Covid.

Baricitinib can help regrow hair. The drug works by interfering with the wrong signals that the body’s immune system sends to attack hair follicles. “Trails report that taking a pill daily can completely regenerate hair loss. However, such a drug is not safe to take in large doses. This medicine should be taken under the supervision of doctors” -said Sue Schilling, chief executive of the charity Alopecia UK.

Hair Loss Good News for You
Hair Loss Good News for You

Tyson Braun, 37, of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is one person who has benefited from baricitinib. He lose hair when he was 25 after suffering from the flu. He said, “At first, it was just patched on my chin. Then the hair on my head is also coming out.

In a year I have no hair anywhere on my body. Tyson tried several treatments but all failed. However, two months ago, he lucked out and got a prescription for baricitinib. Talking about the transformation, he said, “I have already grown hair on my face where I have a beard. And a little over my head too.

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