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Purple Tomatoes: Coming Soon to US Stores

After a decade of research, the U.S. Agriculture Department has approved the cultivation of Genetically modified purple Tomatoes, which have been found to be high in nutrients. Researchers claim that this type of tomato is high in nutrients. These transgenic tomatoes contain ten times more anthocyanins than other varieties. This type of Tomato fruit increases the concentration of anthocyanins produced.

Red Cabbage and Blue Berries are very high anthocyanins. That is good for diabetes and heart patients. When two genes from the snapdragon plant were injected into a tomato plant, the percentage of anthocyanins increased. Tomato turns purple as anthocyanins increase.

Purple tomato photos
Purple tomato photos

The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service’s regulations did not allow them to be grown due to suspicion of genetically modified crops. The tomato juice grown in this way was given to cancer patients and heart patients for several years as part of a clinical trial. When mice were fed these tomatoes, their lifespan was greatly increased. This crop has been approved for cultivation in America. Researchers believe that it can be accepted quickly in the UK as well.

The bittersweet thing is that the tomatoes will be on sale in only USA and not in the UK as well.

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