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Us Study: Lifting weights can help live longer

Stirring: Aerobic exercise such as running and cycling. It has already been revealed that it can increase our life span. But many people don’t know that lifting weights can help them live longer. A recent study by the National Cancer Institute in America has confirmed this.

As part of the research, the scientists examined the data of 1 lakh people. Their average age is 71 years. Also, the average gross body height-to-weight ratio (BMI) is 27.8 (obese). They were examined again after almost a decade. Did they die due to heart disease or any other cause? Analyzed that. The things revealed in it.

Us Study: Lifting weights can help live longer
Lifting weights

About 23% lifted weights. 16 percent of them performed this exercise 1-6 times a week. 32 percent did aerobic exercise at or above the prescribed level. Weight lifting and aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of premature death from health causes other than cancer.

The risk of premature death was reduced by 9-22 percent in those who only lifted weights and 24-34 percent in those who did only aerobic exercise.

An observational study of nearly 100,000 people over a decade, published Sept. 27 in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that people who reported lifting weights once or twice a week and not doing any other exercise—had a 9% lower risk of dying of any cause other than cancer. People who combined 1-2 days of weightlifting per week with aerobic exercise fared better; Their risk of death is 41% lower than those who did not exercise.

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