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Using hair straightener can cause cervical cancer for women!

According to recent research conducted at the National Institutes of Health, women who use hair relaxers and hair straighteners are more likely to develop cervical cancer. Women use many types of chemicals for the beauty of their hair.

Research has shown that women who use chemicals for their hair have a higher risk of hormone-related cancers. Scientists have said that blacks who use these chemicals more often have a higher risk of developing cervical cancer. 1. 64 percent of women who do not use hair styling chemicals are more likely to develop cervical cancer.

hair straightener
hair straightener

Among women who frequently use chemicals, the risk is 4.05 times more likely to develop this cancer, said author Alexandra White. The research was carried out under the auspices of Environmental Health Science, which is part of the NIH.

Tens thousands of women aged 35 to 74 were used for this research. 378 out of 33,497 women were diagnosed with cervical cancer. They are the ones who have used hair straightening in the last year so they have this risk.

The researchers warn that those who have used the most of these chemicals in the past year are also at a higher risk of developing this cancer. The research does not state that only famous companies’ chemicals have this risk.

Research has shown that all types of hair products pose this risk. Black women are very interested in hairstyles and hairstyles. Hence they use more hair related chemicals. This is why the risk of this cancer is higher in black women, these findings said.

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