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A pair of 1880s Levi’s jeans sold for $76,000

A pair of Levi’s jeans from the 18th century sold for $76,000 at a vintage clothing auction in New Mexico. It’s amazing how these 18th century jeans pants are still wearable. With a pocket on the back, these Levi’s jeans are from a very old era.

It was discovered in an old building in America. The label on it says it was made by white workers. According to the old clothiers, this is the only such model jeans made by Point. It was made against a nation. A San Diego man with 23 years of experience in the textile business said that such existed only between 1882 and 1890.

levi jeans
levi jeans

It was bought at auction by Mr. Haupert. He said that he is still confused that he got it in the auction. A total of 87400 dollars was paid for it along with its purchase premium. It was discovered many years ago in an abandoned building in the American West.

He said that he bought it for his own store. The buyer informed that he would keep it safely hidden in his garment shop. He shared photos of these 1880’s Levi’s jeans with everyone on Instagram. Who would have thought that these Levi’s jeans, which looked very old, would fetch such a high price at auction. Officials thought that since the pants belonged to the old era, no one would be interested.

But unexpectedly, these two Levi’s jeans fetched a record price in the auction, said the auctioneers. According to the buyer, this is one of the oldest Levi’s jeans in the world. Thank you to everyone who has supported me in business for so many days. He said that he was very happy to get the jeans in this auction.

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