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Angela Lansbury: Author of Murder Dies at 96

Angela Lansbury, who gained international acclaim as the famous writer She Star, has died at the age of 96. The family members informed about this through Twitter. Angela Lansbury was born on October 16, 1925 in London. She died just five days before her 97th birthday.

She was spotted by a Hollywood executive at a party in 1942. He made the film Gaslighting in 1944 based on the 1938 play. He gave a role to Angela Lansbury in this movie. Lance Mari acted as a maid in this movie. The role earned her an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress the following year. In this way, she got good recognition in her first film. It received two Oscar nominations, in 1945 for The Picture of Dorian Gray and 1962 for The Manchurian.

Angela Lansbury: Author of Murder Dies at 96

She went on to Broadway in 1960 and won several Tony Awards. She starred in the Disney hit Bednaps in 1971 and Room Sticks the same year. The animator has acted in beauty and children’s films. With her two serial dramas on television, she has gained a worldwide fan following. Through the series Murder, the world went closer to the fans.

This work has fans all over the world. With this work, Lansbury suddenly became a star. She played Jessica Fletcher in this murder series. This role made her very rich along with stardom. In 1984 Lansbury played the role of Jessica. The role lasted for nine seasons over 12 years. Although she has always acted in movies, she did not get stardom.

She became popular all over the world through this role in 1984. In an interview, she revealed that she worked very hard for the roles that appear in the theater. Unsuccessful in film, Lansbury turned to music programming.

She started the musical experimental Stephen Sontam Project which was performed in 1963. It also failed. It was closed after just 9 shows.

Personal Life of Angela Lansbury,

Lansbury, was married twice in her lifetime. In the year 1945, she left with Richard Crowell, who was older than her. He was 16 years older than Lansbury. She broke up with him a year later after learning he was gay. In 1949, she married Peter Shaw, a popular producer and actor. This marriage lasted until the end. Peter Shaw died in 2003.

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