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Biden has introduced an executive order to improve access to childcare

The White House said Tuesday that President Joe Biden signed an administrative order containing more than 50 directives to increase access to child care and improve the working lives of caregivers. But the orders are funded from commitments that would require the popular chairman to spend more than $425 billion in 2021 to expand child care, improve its affordability and increase stipends for caregivers.

The White House said. Biden has called for more plutocrat care savings in his 2024 budget plan, drawing a sharp line with Republicans, who want limits on spending. Susan Rice, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, told reporters in a phone call that the order shows that Biden is not standing up for congressional action.

Biden has introduced an executive order to improve access to child care
Biden has introduced an executive order to improve access to child care

“The childcare and long-term care systems in this country are not working properly,” Rice said. ‚ÄúProviding high-quality care is valuable. It’s hard work. It requires professional workers. And care workers, disproportionately women and women of color and immigrants, are among the lowest paid in the country.


The order seeks to improve the care of children entrusted to children of civilian workers, including military families. It plans to reduce costs for families who are part of the Child Care & Development Block Grant program. Military stagers receive better home-grounded care. And the Department of Health and Human Services will increase pay and benefits for preceptors and staff in the Head Start program.

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