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Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, 92, has passed away

Former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan dies at 92, family member dies The former mayor of Los Angeles oversaw the megacity’s recovery after the 1992 Screams and Northridge earthquake. “In the wake of the Northridge earthquake, Mayor Riordan set the standard for emergency action. e comforted us and delivered a response with an intensity that pushed us all to be agile and strong in the middle of the extremities,” Bass said.

A spokeswoman for the former mayor said he failed at his home with his wife and family. They did not disclose the cause of his death. Riordan was born on May 1, 1930, in Flushing, New York, into a wealthy family and was the youngest of eight children. He attended Santa Clara University before transferring to Princeton University, where he majored in evangelism.

According to his family, Riordan learned the importance of serving others during his time at the Ivy League academy. Later, he became a lawyer and opened his own Los Angeles establishment in 1975. The affable Riordan was also a shrewd businessman, turning his $80,000 inheritance into a $100 million fortune. In the spirit of service, he donates $3 million annually to charities.

Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, 92, has passed away
Former LA Mayor Richard Riordan, 92, has passed away

He also financed the purchase of the Puente Learning Center in East L.A. “He has always had a place in his heart for the children of L.A. as a passionate member of the Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Parks Officers and to learn how the megacity can serve our youth and young communities,” Bass said. .” Mayor Riordan’s legacy includes our megacity’s iconic Central Library, which he saved and rebuilt and which bears his name.”

After Riordan’s time with the Parks Commission, Tom Bradley decided to run for mayor in 1993 after campaigning for his withdrawal. He won, becoming the megacity’s first Democratic mayor for 30 terms. “I will immediately take steps to unify this megacity,” Riordan said at the time in a press conference. and sexual exposure.” Riordan took over the alternate-largest megacity in the United States during one of the most tumultuous eras in LA’s history — a time when the City of Angels saw the rising crime, racial tension, and a decline in real austerity.

Facing a popularly-controlled city council, he showed real leadership during the 1994 Northridge earthquake, directing the emergency relief response, even as he ran roughshod over his tenure.” Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones,” Riordan said after the devastating tremors. We have to come back.” In 1997, the megacity landslide elected Riordan. After term limits forced him out of office, he set his sights on an advanced seat in California politics.

He ran for the Democratic nomination in 2002 but lost the primary. Still, his service did not end there. Former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed him state education clerk. His time as a clerk ran into trouble in 2004 when he was at a children’s library event in Santa Barbara. When a child asked him if he knew her name was an “Egyptian goddess,” he replied, “That’s a stupid, dirty girl.” Calls for his retirement quickly followed, and Riordan retired in 2005. Still, Riordan left politics. He continues his charitable work through his Riordan Foundation, which provides financial assistance to help low-income children.

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