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James Corden turns 86 on April 27th from The Late Late Show

After eight times of “Carpool Karaoke,” James Corden has finally left his post on The Late Late Show. On April 27, as his Musketeers Harry Styles, Will Ferrell and millions of Balthazar haters watch at home, Corden will shuffle off this mortal coil leading to a @midnight reboot.

But the real tip in Corden’s chapeau was that he locked down a pre-taped “over-the-top” Lion King sketch with Tom Cruise for the final occasion. Kimmel must have really rankled when he saw the terrible pairing of Corden and Voyager in their Timon and Pumbaa outfits.

Styles’ old chapeau on The Late Late Show since appearing with One Direction in 2015, will not be reuniting for the show. Now, just eight times, he’s forced to cling to Chris Pine and endure sick cries. And for no reason, it’s a terrible time to remind everyone that we only get one life.

James Corden turns 86 on April 27th from The Late Late Show
James Corden turns 86 on April 27th from The Late Late Show

Will Ferrell has graced the lounge of late, making a late 2020 appearance? Unfortunately, there are no plans so far to invite Keith McNally, Balthazar’s owner, so Corden can show him how to make a proper egg thraldom .. indeed, we’ll have to go a long way now to find Corden or his machine-grounded singing gig.

As a show before the final occasion, CBS is running the Last Late Late Show with James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke special — not to mention another season of spin-0ff coming to Apple TV to satisfy Spice Girls singer Bryan Cox.

Here Corden turns his crotch back to the disgruntled drivers’ hanks of the past like he did in that Cinderella movie everyone loves and remembers. One can only imagine how much significant road rage Corden inspired during his time at CBS.

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