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King Charles: Buckingham is not suitable for modern facilities

Britain’s King Charles made an interesting statement about Bunking Ham Palace. It is well known that the British Queen Elizabeth died recently. Later, King Charles took over as king. He announced that he did not want to go to Buckingham Palace, where his mother lived until the end of his life, even after taking over as king.

Britain's King Charles
king charles

He said that he did not want to go to Buckingham because the palace was not suitable for today’s modern facilities. King Charles currently resides at Clarence House with his wife Camilla. According to media reports, King Charles and his wife Camilla have been living at Clarence House since 2003.

The royal couple will stay in three places during the week. Three days a week at Clarence House and two days at the vendor’s cages at the weekend at the Centering Home.

Queen Elizabeth
Elizabeth queen

Queen Elizabeth spent her entire life in Bunking Palace. However, Charles declared that he had no connection with the palace. He feels that maintaining the palace, keeping it safe, is not good in terms of money and environment.

It was thought that Buckingham Palace should be changed to suit modern times. The work of modernizing the palace has started. These repairs are being done with 369 million pounds. These works will be done till 2027. The Bankham is shaping up to suit today’s modern amenities.

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