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LIZ TRUSS: Prime Minister of UK resigned after 45 days

Liz Truss, who was sworn in as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom in September, has resigned from her post. Economic crisis and political crisis in Britain. Unable to hold the position, he resigned. He had to resign from the post 45 days after taking oath as Prime Minister.

Liz truss resigned UK prime minester post
liz truss

The UK Prime Minister announced in a statement outside Dining Street that she is resigning as the leader of the Conservative Party as UK Prime Minister. She said that her party’s leadership elections will be completed in the coming week. It was announced that I will be the prime minister only till the party leadership election is completed.

He became the shortest serving Prime Minister in UK history. Last September, he was sworn in as the Prime Minister of the UK after defeating his fellow party leader Rishi Sunak in the election. During the election, she made many promises to reduce the economic problems in the country. Liz Truss received criticism from her own party.

He said that the sooner the Conservative Party MPs resign, the better. They also ignored the suggestion to wait until the announcement of the new economic plan. The opposition started with the sacking of a government minister citing security reasons. Even the measures taken as part of his economic measures recently did not benefit the poor.

As these measures were meant to generate good income for the upper class, the confidence of the people decreased. Choosing a leader to lead the party until the general election in 2025 is a big issue for the Conservative Party.
Some MPs were working against the government and voting against the government. Some other MPs expressed their opposition via Twitter. The recently introduced mini budget has also brought criticism on her. Liz Truss has announced her resignation 24 hours after announcing that she will not leave, replying to MPs who criticized her.

Queen Elizabeth of the UK’s shortened days of mourning was also a factor in her failure. In addition to this, the finance minister Kwasi was removed from the party and his own MPs opposed the trust. Liz announced the mini budget.

But no steps were taken to raise funds. Liz Truss, who has lost confidence due to these actions, has been informed by her party’s MPs to resign. It was announced through the press that 12 MPs in their party had to resign publicly. Due to the above reasons, the party leadership has announced that he is resigning from the post of Prime Minister of the UK.

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