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Meghan Markle wants to meet King Charles 3

After the death of Queen Elizabeth 2, Meghan Markle wants to meet King Charles 3. Duties of Meghan Markle Episode was also highlighted in interesting discussions during the funeral. Queen Elizabeth-2’s second grandson Prince Harry has reportedly settled in California away from Royal Duties with his wife Meghan. However, there is a campaign that Prince Harry has missed the royal palace.

She left Britan. They have made sensational allegations about the circumstances of Buckingham Palace. Meghan will be away from the Queen’s funeral, The original royal family Her Everything was not invited. However, those expectations were heading Meghan Markle also attended the funeral of Queen Elizabeth-2. Meghan hopes to fall into the full stop.

Meghan Markle wants to meet King Charles 3

That’s why she wrote a letter to the King of Britain, King Charles-III (father of Prince Harry) to discuss it privately. Royal family affairs analyst Neil Sean uploaded a video on his YouTube saying that she had written a request letter to asking for an appointment with King Charles-3 appointment before going to California. The media is analyzing that she thinks this is a good opportunity to remove her from the royal family.

Meanwhile, Meghan has accused Queen Elizabeth-2 and Princess of Wales Catherine Middleton (Prince William’s wife) in the past. But King Charles and Camilla have a good relationship with Meghan. Meghan has often said that the two of them treat her like a daughter. After all, King Charles even said in an interview that he would forgive his son after the criticism of the palace. At this moment, it is clear that Meghan wants to meet the family conflicts through discussions between them.

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