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CRICKET WORLD CUP: T-20 cricket world cup prize money released by ICC

The T20 Cricket World Cup will start from October. All the teams are preparing for this tournament which is going to start in Australia. The ICC released the prize money for the winners in a meeting held on Friday. The T20 announced a prize of $1.6 million for the winner and $0.8 million for the runner-up.

stage per team
winners $1.600,000
runners $ 0.800,00
losing semi finals $ 400,000
super 12 wins $ 40,000
super 12 exits $ 70,000
first round winner $ 40,000
first round exits $ 40,000

The prize money of the other teams participating in this tournament has also been released. There is no difference between small teams and big teams in T20 matches. Everyone knows that winning or losing T20 matches depends on the talent of the team on the day of the match.

Many experts predict the strengths of former cricketers in teams. It is believed that the main teams like India, Australia, Pakistan, England, South Africa and Sri Lanka will perform well. T20 matches have high tides. Others say that whichever team performs better on the day of the matches, be it the smaller team or the bigger team, will win. Experts say that it is not right to completely predict T20 teams.

Speaking about Team India’s preparations, the experts opined that Rohit Sena’s team is performing well in the current matches and registering victories in all the matches except one in the Asia Cup 2022 edition. Fans and former players are of the opinion that winning the T20 World Cup will not be too difficult if this win continues.

In the last edition of the World Cup, India could not even cross the Super 12 rounds, but this time they started their preparations with a firm decision to win the World Cup. But India is facing some setbacks. The injury of the popular all-rounder Jadeja and the injury of the important bowler also brought the fans together.

Everyone expects both of them to recover quickly and play the T20 World Cup. Having won the Old Cup for the first time in 2007, India have yet to win the trophy again. The fans want to win this time and bring home the trophy for the second time.

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