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Fear is a choice: Dahmer Hamlin talks about getting permission to play

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin has been cleared for football conditioning after collapsing and requiring life-saving CPR during a Monday Night Football game in early January.”He’s all-cleared. He is,” general director Brandon Beane told reporters Tuesday. spray-draft press conference.” He’s in a great headspace to come back and come back.” Bean said that as of Friday Hamlin had met with three specialists, all of whom were “in the process” of allowing Hamlin to play again.

Speaking to reporters in the fall on Tuesday, Hamlin said he was anxious to get back on the field at first. “I want to prove it to myself, bones are no different.” He continued, “I want to show people that sweat is a choice, that you can carry on cargo without knowing the answers, without knowing what’s at the end of the cave.” Hamlin posted a videotape of himself on Instagram Tuesday in the fall, in a new interview where Dahmer calls Hamlin’s coach a ‘life saver.’

Hamlin suffered a heart attack on January 2 against the Cincinnati Bengals. He stood up strong but collapsed after a dive. The training staff went on the field and medical professionals revived the 25-year-old’s heart on the field. As the severity of the injury became apparent the play broke down and was eventually called off altogether. He was taken to a nearby sanatorium and put on a ventilator for three days.

Fear is a choice': Dahmer Hamlin talks about getting permission to play
Fear is a choice’: Dahmer Hamlin talks about getting permission to play

He wakes up sluggishly and is apt to communicate uncontrollably with Crockers and family, his first question being whether the Bills won the game. Several days later he flew back to Buffalo to continue his recovery. Hamlin said Tuesday that all the croakers he saw agreed he was suffering from comatose cardioversion, a condition in which a precisely timed blow to the chest disrupts the heart rate monitor,” Bills head trainer Sean McDermott said Tuesday.”

He is taking one step at a time. He’s cleared from a physical standpoint.” Damar Hamlin opens up about his ‘substantial’ recovery in a new interview Hamlin told ABC News’ Michael Strahan that he plans to return to football in mid-February.

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