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FIFA World Cup 2022: Brazil went to the top place in Group G after winning over Switzerland

Brazil vs Switzerland: Five-time champions Brazil became the second team to qualify for the knockout stage after France in this World Cup. The team did not perform at their best in Monday’s Group-2 clash but managed a 1-0 win over Switzerland.

Casemiro gave Brazil the lead in the 83rd minute. Brazil is top of the group with six points. The expectation for goal: Brazil played an attacking game as they entered the ring as favorites. Dominated the first half and kept most of the ball under their control.

But despite four attempts, the goal could not be scored. The Swiss were somewhat competitive with Brazil in ball control. But despite looking dangerous at times. Brazil could not test the defense much. Brazil created a good feeling in the 12th minute. Pocketa..

Brazil went to the top place in Group G after winning over Switzerland
Brazil went to the top place in Group G after winning over Switzerland

passed it to Richarlison, who gave it to Vincent in the box. But Vinceus’ attempt was blocked by the Swiss player. Brazil scored another try in the 19th minute. Paketa hit the ball into the Swiss penalty area.. Richarlison didn’t get it.

Continuing the hunt for a goal, Brazil did enough to score in the 27th minute. Rafina gave a nice cross in the Switzerland box. Vincent shot was blocked by the Swiss goalkeeper Sommer. Switzerland also got a chance in the 39th minute. Brazil had two corners in a row at the end of the first half.

But the goal attempts were unsuccessful. At the beginning of the second half, the Swiss team put some pressure on the Brazilian defense. In the 53rd minute, the Swiss player Widmer rushed to the Brazil box to receive Crossan who came from the left.

Hits it toward the post. The reader tried to kick it into the net but could not quite get it. But after a while, Brazil was created. Fred’s pass was flicked on by Vincent in front of the Swiss goal. Richarlison tried to turn it into a goal but could not get the ball by a small margin.

In the 64th minute, Brazil scored a goal and drowned in celebration. Vincent, who received a pass from Casemiro, evaded the Swiss defender with a nice play and very calmly rolled over the Swiss goalkeeper Sommer.

But the Brazilians were disappointed as the referee ruled it as offside. Despite Brazil’s efforts, after 80 minutes of the game, it seemed that the match would end in a goalless draw. But Brazil finally took the lead with Casemiro’s goal in the 83rd minute.

Brazil went to the top place in Group G after winning over Switzerland

Rodrigo’s ball sent into the box eluded the goalkeeper and Casemiro hit a corner of the net and drowned Brazil in joy. Even after that, the team’s aggression continued. Rodrigo’s shot was blocked by Sommer in the 87th minute.


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