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FIFA World Cup 2022: Canada takes home the World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022: Another team has left the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. It is known that a few days ago, the host team of the World Cup, Qatar, lost 3-1 to Senegal and went home. Now Canada has followed the same path.

In the match against Croatia, Canada lost 4-1 and got eliminated from the World Cup. In this match, Canada got off to a good start but was unable to maintain the lead. The Canadian team, which lost 1-0 to Belgium in the previous match, looked determined to win at any cost.

At the same time, Croatia, who drew the match 0-0 with Morocco, is also desperate for a win. In this sequence, Canada showed aggression immediately after the start of the match and scored the first goal within 70 seconds.

Canada takes home the World Cup
Canada takes home the World Cup

That team player Alphonso Davies scored an amazing goal. Canada became the fastest team to score a goal after the start of the match in this World Cup. However, Canada failed to maintain this lead. Recovering from the shock of the first goal, Croatia resisted strongly.

The first goal was scored in the 36th minute of the match. Immediately in the 44th minute, Croatian player Marko Livaja scored another goal. The team ended the first half with a 2-1 lead. The second half was similar.

Croatia, who showed aggression from the beginning of the second half, scored two more goals and increased their lead. Canada lost the game by 4-1. With this defeat, Canada became the second team to exit the World Cup after the hosts Qatar.


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