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FIFA World Cup 2022: Iran scored by the Wales goalkeeper

FIFA World Cup 2022: Iran won the FIFA World Cup 2022. Iran beat Wales 2-0 in their second match on Friday. Roozbay Cheshmi (90+8 minutes) and Ramin Rizayan (90+11 minutes) who scored goals in injury time gave Iran a wonderful victory. From the start of the match, both teams fought fiercely.

The Iranian players repeatedly attacked the Wales goalpost but to no avail. The Iranian players had to work hard as the Wales defense moved like mercury. Both the teams could not score a single goal in the first half.

But the enthusiasm of Wales goalkeeper Wayne Hennessey bought the team. Hennessy overstepped his bounds in tackling an Iranian player and misbehaved, injuring an opposing player. When this incident took place in the 86th minute of the game, the referee issued a red card and took strict action.

Iran scored by the Wales goalkeeper
Iran scored by the Wales goalkeeper

With that, the Wales goalkeeper became the first player to receive a red card in this FIFA World Cup. Wales suffered a lot from this unexpected incident. The match had to be continued with 10 players. Thinking this, the Iranian players attacked the goalpost of Wales.

The Wales defense department, which fought till the appointed time of the match, gave up in injury time. Failed to prevent goals with one player short. And in the 90+8th minute, Iranian player Rouzbey Cheshmi opened the account by sending the ball into the goalpost brilliantly.

Another Iranian player Ramin Rizayan scored a goal to double the joy within three minutes. With that, Iran took a 2-0 lead. They ended the match with the same intensity and got a wonderful victory. To take a step forward in the tournament, it is necessary for Iran to win this match.

Iran scored by the Wales goalkeeper

In the first match, Iran lost 6-2 at the hands of England. Iran, who opened their account in the points table with the latest win, continues to be in second place. Iran will play their next match against America on Wednesday (November 30).


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