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FIFA World Cup 2022: Spain showed Costa Rica the universe

FIFA World Cup 2022: The Spanish team exploded in the match held as part of FIFA World Cup Group E. Earlier it is known that Japan shocked strong Germany in the same group. Spain took the match very seriously after that. From the start, it looked as though it was premeditated not to give young Costa Rica any chance.

85% possession of the ball in the first half of the match shows how aggressive they were. Spain has won four of their last five matches and lost one match. Dhrudamga seemed determined to continue the same momentum in the World Cup as well. At the same time, Costa Rica is no less. Despite the name, this team also won four of the last five matches and drew one.

FIFA World Cup 2022:
FIFA World Cup 2022:

In this World Cup too, they want to show big upsets. But Spain turned a blind eye to their efforts. Spain captain Luis Enrique seemed to have selected the playing team after thinking well. Along with experience, he also selected youngsters and balanced the team. Either way, the team seems to be moving strategically from now on to take the team to the final stages of the World Cup.

In this order, the Spanish team scored the first goal within 11 minutes of the match. Spain scored two more goals before Costa Rica recovered from that shock. This ended the first half with a 3-0 lead. At this time, Spain had 85 percent of the ball possession, which shows how aggressively they played.

Everyone thought that after gaining a huge lead, Spain would slow down and give Costa Rica some breathing room. But the Spanish team entered the ring with a different plan. Edapeda tried for goals in the second half as well. One after another, the Spanish players tried for goals. Finally, they completed four more goals in the second half. In this second half too, the Spanish team kept the ball in their possession.

Spain showed Costa Rica the universe

It is noteworthy that their ball possession is 78 percent. The team ended this match 7-0 and sent a strong message to the other teams. It is noteworthy that six Spanish players scored these seven goals.


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