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FIFA WORLD CUP:8 stadiums ready for World Cup

All set for World Cup 2022 World Cup in Qatar is very special. Holding this tournament in a smaller stadium is also a special feature. After Argentina in 1978, Qatar is the country to hold the tournament in a smaller stadium. The host nation has built eight stadiums for the tournament, with no two stadiums more than 36 miles apart. Since 2010, when it was announced to host the World Cup, Qatar has faced many ups and downs and finally prepared to host the World Cup. Qatar built 8 stadiums for the World Cup to impress the crowd.

1.Ahmad bin Ali stadium: Located at a place called Ahmad bin Ali Stadium, it was opened in 2003 and after a few days it was re-opened in 2020 for the World Cup. This stadium is 14 miles away from Doha city. 7 matches are held in this stadium.


2.Al Bayt Stadium :It is located in the city of Alkhor It was opened in 2021 The audience capacity of this stadium is 60 thousand seats It is 9 miles from Doha .Total nine matches will be held in the stadium.


3.Al janoub Stadium:It is located in Alkhor and was inaugurated in 2019. It has a capacity of 40,000. 14 miles away from Doha.


4.AL THUMAMA STADIUM:Al thumama Stadium is located in Doha, it was opened in 2021 and its audience seating capacity is 40,000. It is seven miles away from Doha and eight matches will be held in this stadium.

5.EDUCATION CITY STADIUM:It is located in a place called Education City Stadium, which was opened in 2020. It has a capacity of 40,000 and is located far from Doha City. Eight matches will be held.

6.KHALIFA INTERNATIONAL STADIUM: Khalifa International Stadium is located in Al Rayyan and is one of the oldest stadiums in Qatar, opened in 1976. It is located 7 miles from Doha and hosts eight matches.

7.LUSAIL STADIUM: Lusail Stadium is located at the lusail. This inaugurated in 2021 and has a capacity of 80000 spectators and is located 12 miles from Doha.Here 10 matches will be played.

8.STADIUM 974: Stadium 974 This stadium is also located in Doha and it was established in 2021. Its audience capacity is 40,000. It is two miles away from Doha and it will host 7 matches.

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