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FIFA WORLD CUP:Good news for LGBTQ+ fans.

FOOTBALL CHIEF has good news for LGBTQ+ fans at the FIFA World Cup starting in November.The Fifa World Cup will start in Qatar at the end of this year. LGBTQ+ FANS kissing in public on this occasion,holding hands,is not good.There are rumors that arrests are inevitable if these actions are taken.


The Middle Eastern country has strict decisions regarding same-sex couples.Chief executive Mark Bullingham has said there will be no problems for same-sex couples attending football matches in November.

In any case, Bullingham explained that the police have been educated to be “liberal”.

“We have been representing those requests of the Qatari experts all through ongoing months. They have completely told us the fitting answers for anything we’ve examined, even down to the spot of ‘are rainbow pennants allowed?’,” he illuminated columnists while talking with respect to the looming competition.

“Without a doubt, absolutely (they are allowed) a similar length as someone doesn’t continue to wrap them obviously of a mosque – that was one model we were given – and were uncouth in like that.”

“Anyway, they have completely been encouraged to be very liberal and act in the right way. Any time we represent a quick request we will by and large track down an answer,” he added while tending to AFP.

In the mean time, the Britain football crew additionally joined nine different countries to join the ‘OneLove’ hostile to segregation crusade. Captain Harry Kane will wear a rainbow armband during the World Cup.

“As commanders, we may all contend with one another on the pitch, however we stand together against all types of segregation,” Kane said at the uncovering of their new pullover for the World Cup.

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