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FOOTBALL: A deadly stampede between fans at a football match in Indonesia

At least 182 people were killed in a stampede between fans at Kunjuruhan Stadium in Indonesia on Sunday. The stampede happened after a football match between Arema FC and Perisebhaya Surabaya, long-time rivals in East Java.

In this match, Surabaya team won and Arema FC lost by 2-3. Immediately, FC fans rushed to the pitch. Thousands of fans came to the pitch and stampede among the fans. The police had to use tear gas to control them. The stampede intensified as thousands of fans had to exit through only two gates.

Reports say that more than 180 people died in this incident. Several videos of fans storming the pitch and clashes with the police surfaced on social media after the game. Videos of the injured being taken out have also surfaced on social media.

Afterwards, the stadium looked very grim with bodies of fans lying lifeless. Many celebrities have expressed regret over this. The police had to use TEAR gas when the fans attacked some of the police. Indonesian President Joko Widodo has ordered a video inquiry into the incident. Also ordered to temporarily suspend this football league in Indonesia.

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