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Marvel’s Snap The Game Wins Best Mobile Game Awards 2022

It was named Best Mobile Game at the Marvel Snap The Game Awards 2022 beating the likes of Apex Mobile and Genshin Impact. Nominated in the Card Battle Game category, Second Dinner Studios’ newest title was released on October 18. 2022.

Marvel Snap game is a unique take on the card game genre. Unlike traditional titles like Hearthstone and Gwent, the game has players outmatch opponents with card values. The primary objective is to win at least two of the three chambers. Like every CCG, Marvel Snap comes with a huge list of cards.

New ones are routinely added, while old ones are balanced out to make things more competitive. As a result, the game received great community support, winning the Game Awards 2022. The result was announced at the beginning of Game Awards 2022 and the creator of Marvel Snap accepted it.

Marvel's Snap The Game Wins Best Mobile Game Awards 2022
Marvel’s Snap The Game Wins Best Mobile Game Awards 2022

He dedicated this award to the players who made the game a success. Genshin Impact and Apex Mobile are predicted by many to beat Marvel Snap to win The Game Awards 2022 Although the end result was justified, many players expected Genshin Impact or Apex Mobile to be named the best mobile game of the year.

Both titles are older and larger in scope, with Genshin Impact being a key success. The game has become economical and MiHoyo will continue to develop it for years to come. Meanwhile, Apex Mobile is an excellent adaptation of its PC and console version.

While many of the original features have been retained, the mobile version has some new and useful ones. The gaming community has high expectations from Marvel Snap after it defeated Zenshin Impact and Apex Mobile at the Game Awards 2022.


It remains to be seen how the title will build on this initial success and develop from here. Although the game has improved, its win at the Game Awards 2022 was a special moment for everyone who worked on the project.


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