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Premier League: Erling Haaland scored in the tenth match in a row

Erlin Haaland also scored in the tenth consecutive match for all clubs. Manchester City won 4-0 in the match against Southampton on Saturday. Reached the top spot in the Premier League. Haaland, who has been playing well in every match in the Premier League, failed to register a score in the first half of the match against Southampton.

Erlin Haaland and foden
haaland manchester city player

In the 20th minute of the match against Southampton, j.cancelo scored a goal and sent Manchester City into the lead. City players repeatedly attacked the opposition gold post. P foden also continued his performance.

Foden scored a goal in the 32nd minute of the game and gave Manchester City a 2-0 lead. They scored two goals in the first half of the game and put Southampton under pressure. Holland did not score in the first half.

R Mahrez scored in the 49th minute of the second half to put Manchester City ahead 3-0. In the 65th minute of the game, goalscorer Holland scored a goal and gave Manchester City an unassailable lead. City’s victory was almost decided with this goal.

Southampton failed to score a single goal. Haaland is recording the best goals in the inaugural Premier League. He scored a hat-trick in the match against United. He has scored in ten consecutive matches including all the club matches. He plays his role in the success of the team by scoring a goal in every match.

This Norwegian started football at the youngest age and is breaking the records of famous players. Erlin Haaland has also joined the list of the highest goal scorers in a Premier League season. He is just one goal short of the goals scored by Ronaldo. How many plans are made, they are unable to stop the goal mission from scoring

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