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Roger Federer Farewell : Watch the Emotional Moment in a Farewell Game

Roger Federer Farewell: Federer is the king of tennis. He used to mesmerize the audience with his amazing playing. Another legend of equal talent is Nadal, both of whom have been entertaining tennis audiences for a long time. One of them, Roger, recently announced his retirement.

After announcing his retirement, Roger played his last match for the Lover Cup team. In this match he chose his great rival and his old friend Nadal as his partner. Both of them played for two hours with Jack and Tiafoe in the doubles match against Team World in the Laver Cup. But could not win this match.

Federer emotional moment

Federer was emotional as he played the last match of his career. He cried like a little child, unable to let go of the game he had loved for so many days. At this time Nadal also could not control his emotions. The two couldn’t control their emotions and burst into tears which not only brought tears to tennis fans but also fans from all over the world. The occasion when the players who are very strong while playing on the field suddenly turn into children and cannot control their emotions and burst into tears has brought the sports fans of the world together.

Roger gave his emotional speech after the match. He thanked the audience and friends who have supported him all these days. He also thanked his family members. Special thanks to his wife, I would not have been at this level without her support.

“The game has become a part of my life,” he said, adding that since knowing that he was leaving the game, he felt isolated. In his final speech, he passionately said that there are many great players here and he looks up to his game in all of them and I will always consider myself a team player.

Even great players like Sachin, who is considered the God of world cricket, have become fans of Roger’s racket. Roger said that he wants to spend his time in health and happiness, spending time with his family and children.

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