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T 20 World Cup, A strange question for the Indian cricket captain

Rohit sharma: Strange question for T20 World Cup Indian cricket captain
Indian team captain Rohit Sharma has crores of fans. The Indian team is the favorite in the current T20 World Cup. The Indian team has gone to Australia for the T20 World Cup which has started now.

Indian cricket captain
Indian cricket captain

On this occasion ICC arranged a press meet with all the team captains. Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma went to the hotel to participate in this. After the press meet, all the captains also participated in a photo shoot. After this program, Rohit Sharma boarded a cab to go to the hotel.

The security there came and put Sharma’s luggage in the car and got into the car. The cab driver noticed. what are you doing Everyone is helping you, he asked. Rohit Sharma was shocked by this question. Later, Rohit Sharma was introduced to the cab driver as I am a cricketer and the captain of the Indian team.

The video related to this has now gone viral on social media. Rohit Sharma also has the experience of playing a cricket match in Australia in the past. Everyone is wondering why cricket is not known about famous cricket in Australia.
India will first play two warm-up matches as part of the World Cup T20 tournament. After this match, Indian team will play their first match against Pakistan. This match will be held on 23rd of this month. Cricket fans all over the world are waiting for this match.

More than 90,000 tickets have already been sold for this match. In 2007, India won the T20 World Cup by defeating Pakistan in the final match. Rohit Sharma also played in the 2007 World Cup. Now he is playing t20 world cup as a captain.

Injuries to leading players have become a bit of a problem. Without key players like Bhumra Jadeja, the team looks weak. The team management said that having all-rounders like Akshar Patel and Hardik will overcome that problem.

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