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The hurricanes’ power play comes to life in the playoff opener, a 2-1 win over the Islanders

Although it’s more than the Carolina Hurricanes, some jitters need to be addressed on the dice rather than in the dressing room. Either way, they won’t have to answer tough questions about their power play for a while, which is a relief in itself.

The New York Islanders lost the same playoff game twice as often as the Hurricanes. The other platoon stopped on the power play as they headed into the city, a fiery final flurry with a hot goaltender frustrated, and watching it from the other end was a little odd.

After converting their first two power-play openings of the playoffs and accounting for Ante Ranta in the third period, the Hurricanes scored more pretensions with the man advantage in the first 23 Twinkles on Monday night. – Season games. Special brigades and goaltending.

Hurricanes power play comes to life in playoff opener, 2-1 win over Islanders
Hurricanes’ power play comes to life in the playoff opener, 2-1 win over Islanders

Names and faces and Atlanta votes and generations change, but the playoffs change now. So this 2-1 drubbing in Game 1 of a series that everyone expected to continue down the same path — a frozen series where scoring opportunities failed — is as valuable as the Hurricanes’ confidence in the long run. to gain an early lead and cover home ice in the short term.

The Hurricanes won their division and scored 113 points without a reliable, functional power play. What’s their ceiling if it’s a turn?” We’ve been working hard on it. I don’t think it’s a lack of difficulty,” said Thing arranger Stefan Nosen. In fact, we can go four to four.” We just had to take it away.”

Their power play commodity desperately demanded to be good, and it was just five seconds in. Hurricanes trainer Rodbrind’Amour said as Brent Barnes zinged it from Sebastian Aho to Ilya Sorokin from the left circle for one. One-timekeeper.

they tried to play similar sweepstakes all the time and it didn’t work until Monday night. The alternate thing was as strange as the first thing. An elf-sized piece of Nosen’s stick blade slipped past Sorokin and into the net, and the thing went cornucopia and the players started celebrating.. everyone. By the time they figured out what happened, the Hurricanes were on the power play, thanks to a rental that caused damage.

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