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The NFL could release the 2023 schedule on May 11

Despite the conclusion of the 2023 NFL draft, football fans can still enjoy some off-season appetizers to satiate their cravings until fall. Recently, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Commissioner Roger Goodell met with Howard Katz, who is responsible for overseeing the league’s scheduling, on Monday to discuss the release date for the 2023 schedule.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the league is targeting May 11 for the schedule’s official release. Schefter also revealed that the Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson situations were delaying the release. However, now that Rodgers has been traded to the New York Jets and Jackson has agreed to terms with the Baltimore Ravens, the league feels comfortable releasing the schedule two weeks after the draft.

The NFT could release the 2023 schedule on May 11
The NFT could release the 2023 schedule on May 11

While the scheduling formula determined the opponents since last season’s end, the 2023 schedule already boasts exciting matchups, including a rematch between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals.

Fans wonder if the league will continue the tradition of scheduling the Philadelphia Eagles and Dallas Cowboys in prime time for the twentieth consecutive season.

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