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Watch what happened to Lionel Messi while signing an autograph for a fan

Lionel Messi is one of the most famous football players in the world. PSG Club 2022-2023 season messi continues his amazing performance. The Argentinian wizard’s continued form ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2022 will bring much joy to the fans.
They beat Jamaica 3-0 in a friendly match on Wednesday. Messi’s performance in this match impressed everyone. Fans were on the edge of their seats watching this magical play. The magic done by the master on the pitch has brought so much joy to American football fans.

Messi has fans all over the world. Every fan is waiting to meet this superstar and take his autograph. But one such strange incident happened to messi. In the last match, a fan came across the pitch and wanted to get Messi’s autograph.

This fan asked for an autograph on his back. The fan was detained by security while doing this autograph. In this sequence, the star player is going to fall down. Luckily it didn’t fall down and there was no injury. In this match held on Wednesday, Messi scored three goals and beat Argentina 3-0. With this performance, more expectations have been raised on him in the World Cup which starts in November.

In the background of thinking that this may be the last World Cup for Messi, expectations on Messi have increased hugely. Messi fans all over the world want their favorite player to perform well in the FIFA World Cup in Qatar and win the World Cup.

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