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A new startup sound on YouTube

YouTube has released a new start-up sound. It’s like a google y version of Netflix’s “tudum”. You can watch it right here or in the trailer below. It also includes new start-up animation. I just checked out the YouTube app on PS5. And it sure is.

But it doesn’t play for me on Apple TV YouTube app. I don’t know about the sound of this since Thursday. But if you used TV on YouTube you may have already seen and noticed that sound. This was said in Google’s new block.

The sonic branding studio goes into extensive detail on how the sound was designed in partnership with Ant Food. Its main purpose is to make noise. It is sound that conveys humanity’s participative form and organic imperfection.

A new startup sound on YouTube
A new startup sound on YouTube

Interests A sound that communicates with musical sensations with harmony and modulation that reflects thought and reflects people and cultures. A sound with dynamic textures and bright melodies. From small to large very closely and intimately bold.

A sound, however short it may be, gives the sense of an arc with a clear beginning and end. I’ll let you decide if you got it all from three seconds of sound. In this way, many types of Google block sound have been installed and placed in the new version.

A new startup sound on YouTube

According to the blog post, sound and animation will begin appearing in more places over the next few weeks and months. We went to Google and searched for more details. Google was also asked. Google’s work with creative firm Buck to create startup animation, which I’m a big fan of, is also pretty well explained.


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