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Google tries to make it easier to fix crashing Android apps

Malware info stations in Android apps often as we write. Crashing is a common thing for many android apps. Whether your phone is new or old, it is normal to experience app crashes many times. Cell phone crashes are more common in high doses.

This is frustrating for many because no one knows why this happens. Update the app to fix crashes The app has stopped working. An update to the Google Play Store is trying to alleviate some of that frustration.

As noted by the technical editor, the Play Store now prompts an Android device to do so immediately when it crashes while using it. Every day of every month Google releases a new update with new support.

Google tries to make it easier to fix crashing Android apps
Google tries to make it easier to fix crashing Android apps

A new update in the Google system leads to the update support. A new way of thinking for Google Play. It has been written for the new improvement that is, do not help users to fix the crash with prompts in the new updates, this feature is installed in the Google Play Store.

This new update is marked in version 33.2. It was made available on Tuesday, November 15. After digging into the code, Rahman discovered that if an Android operation was performed, users would immediately see a message on their device when a gate crash occurred.

Not every app crashes because you haven’t applied the latest update, but it’s nice to know that your phone is now at least trying to fix the problem for you. But the latest update to the app may fix the issue.

Other improvements to the Google Play Store on Android in November include new formats for search results. Also, Google Play apps have automatic updates on limited mobile data for users who don’t have regular access to Wi-Fi. Install the update and then re-open the app.

If you want to update later, go to %1$s on Google Play. Of course, if there aren’t any updates available, I guess it’s back to square one.


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