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Microsoft should buy Twitter?

Social media has been in turmoil ever since Elon Musk bought Twitter. Musk has followed his dramatic moves to cut costs after the $44 billion deal. Ever since Twitter was bought by Mask, Twitter employees have been laid off. Employees were also lost.

Twitter shuts down, but Windows Central readers are divided on whether Microsoft should buy it
Microsoft should buy Twitter?

We continue to see all of this, including the mass migrations that have recently been reported. Following Corden’s piece, a poll was conducted to see if our readers thought Microsoft should buy Twitter.

Our readers were roughly split, with 51.88% believing Microsoft should buy Twitter and 48.12% saying they shouldn’t. Day by day we see the continuous growth of Twitter. Every day there is a changing situation in which stories break. We held Ne Ma’s Pone earlier this week.

But since then, Twitter has been facing serious problems. It took a turn for the worse. Twitter is likely to shut down for good. Chances are Twitter is slowing down or shutting down if you want to stay up-to-date on Twitter drama. I

ironically, it will be more difficult if a shutdown happens. Be sure to follow our colleagues on more. Having live blogs with the latest on their Twitter and if it shuts down, last week our managing editor Jez Corden gave us 5 reasons to buy Twitter.

He pointed out that Microsoft’s history at LinkedIn points to the potential benefit Twitter can provide to people and the possibility of integrating Twitter with other Microsoft products. Twitter has been in turmoil since Elon Musk bought the social media platform a few weeks ago.

There are speculations that Twitter will be shut down permanently due to massive layoffs. Windows Central Readers will be split 50/50 if Microsoft buys Twitter.


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