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Moto Guzzi has released the first look of the new V9 Bobber Special Edition

For 2023, Moto Guzzi has launched a new V9 Bobber Special Edition. The special edition is based on the stock V9 bobber, but is basically a cosmetic treatment, with no mechanical changes. This particular version does not involve any fiddling with the function of the base V9 bobber.

The V9 Bobber Special Edition is already derived from the V85TT. Built around inverted 853cc V twin. 16-inch wheels fitted with chunky tires. Low bars and Enhanced by stripped-down, blacked-out parts. They have a post-war feel.

2023, Moto Guzzi has released the first look of the new V9 Bobber Special Edition.
2023, Moto Guzzi has released the first look of the new V9 Bobber Special Edition.

Treatment on a new bike and mostly aesthetically and instrumentally awesome. Guzzi’s new V9 Bobber has a unique two-tone black-gray color scheme. Called a nocturnal look. But to be honest, it has a special edition with some new equipment installed in it.

Also packed. There is a metal teardrop fuel tank. Usually, they have a billet aluminum cap, but the aluminum side panel is now their highlight and is superbly done. We also saw unique bar end mirrors at the handlebars along with gaiters to cover the 40mm fork.

However, it does get a small front fender treatment to complete it. Since this is usually a new Guzzi, it has a lot of features. But we expect those details to be announced soon. Usually, no bike is equipped with such features in the new version which means that this bike has a lot of features.

The main attraction is the new dark two-tone paint scheme, along with aluminum components. Everyone looks attractive and amazed by this bike. Immediately calls it a must-buy. Contrast and offer a more refined look. The (Moto Guzzi/) V9 Bobber Special Edition has been fitted with some new equipment.

But Gucci is quick to point out that there is usually a street-legal slip-on exhaust. It’s meant to “highlight the unmistakable sound of the Moto Guzzi 850 twin cylinder,” says the press release. We see a lot of special equipment installed on this bike.

“The pipe is painted matte black, contrasting with the unpainted aluminum tips. There’s a lot of futuristic stuff going on in this new bike. Unlike the V7 Stone Special Edition’s arrow exhaust that was released earlier this year, there’s no indication that the new pipe adds any performance benefits.

moto Guzzi 2022 eicma has been relatively quiet ahead of the show, choosing to highlight new models already introduced earlier this year, such as the v100 Mandello and the v7 Stone Special Edition, which will be introduced in the year 2023.

But the brand has released a fresh model for the show. The v9 Bobber Special Edition, the mg A refined but mostly cosmetic take on the current v9 Bobber.


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