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Tesla: Tesla Semi truck looks like a motorhome

Tesla: Tesla has managed to make an amazing electric motor home based on the specs it released during the semi-week. These renders of the electric truck look great as a motorhome. Tesla could make an interesting platform for a semi-electric motorhome. But there has to be a way to power the motorhome’s living features with a powertrain battery pack.

Add some deployable solar panels when you park for extended periods of time and when you’re on business. You can travel six hundred miles in a single day with a Tesla Semi Motor Home without charging. You’ll be able to cover impressive distances in just a few days. All without emissions.

Jovua also got the interior of their vision of the Tesla Semi Motorhome Nu. Unveiling the production version this week, the Tesla Semi has a nearly 900 kWh battery pack and a full load of 82,000 lbs. Tesla has confirmed that it can travel more than 500 miles. Looks very bad. To back up that look is an electric truck as per the specs.

Tesla Semi truck looks like a motorhome
Tesla Semi truck looks like a motorhome

The biggest problem with most motorhome projects right now is their range. For example, Winnebago built its own full-size electric motorhome, but it only has a range of 125 miles. It weighs less than 82,000 lbs. The heaviest 40+ foot long motorhomes today rarely exceed 50,000 lbs.

The Tesla Semi is heavier than most Class 8 trucks, but there must be a way to build a motorhome on the platform and keep the weight under 70,000 pounds, resulting in increased efficiency. During the day, you drive with no emissions and power your life from the same battery pack that moves you. T

here’s something about the idea of an all-electric and solar-powered motorhome that’s so appealing to many people that you can charge up to do it again the next day. With solar power, you can even take the whole experience off the grid.


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