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Andy Serkis is indeed expected to direct a Star Wars movie for Disney

Andy Serkis has previously appeared in Star Wars 10 times in two different locations. So what’s coming up for the accomplished English actor? Well, if he had anything to say about it, he’d focus on a more ambitious object. Maybe add a lightsaber to the side without a big fake-out this time. Serkis famously played Supreme Leader Snoke as part of the Star Wars Impact trilogy, a role that remains controversial to this day. But for those who watched Andor on Disney Plus, he’s arguably more infamous (and recognized) for his performance as Kino Loy during the Narkina 5 captivity arc.

Not only did Serkis help create his character’s backstory on Andor, but the 3-in-a-lifetime character suffers when he confesses that he can’t swim as his fellow convicts escape into the vast body of water. Around captivity. Landing so snappily on the hearts of observers is no small feat. But now, he wants to do more in ballet.

Speaking to Screen Rant at the recent Star Wars festival, Serkis said he’s finally closing in on his studies of Star Wars-related direction. I think. I think I’m one of those rare actors who can play both roles in this. But I would love to.” It was definitely a fascinating occasion. Serkis has managerial experience including The Divided and Fun Effect Venom Let There Be Holocaust. So he was reluctant to make his managerial debut. The only question is what kind of design he can take.

Andy Serkis is indeed expected to direct a Star Wars movie for Disney
Andy Serkis is indeed expected to direct a Star Wars movie for Disney

Disney takes a very strict approach in approving directors for its films, so this may not be in the cards just yet. But this is Star Wars. There are tons of possibilities. He has an idea to direct one of the many Star Wars shows on Disney Plus. So maybe it’s a way to love suckers and it’s not the first time someone has done something like this. Bryce Dallas Howard made her debut as a Star Wars director when she took on many of the events of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett.

Now she is celebrating making her own film. It’s not unheard of for Serkis to employ a similar strategy. Whatever happens, it’s great to have Serkis in Star Wars. It cannot be denied that Kino Loy alone is enough to make Serkis a legend in ballet and on top of that the directing is the icing on the cake for everyone. Then Serkis and the observers hope to see what he can do.

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