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Barry Humphries, the comedian who created Dame Edna Everage, has died

Australian comedian Barry Humphries, best known for playing Dame Edna Everage, has died aged 89. Humphreys played the lilac-haired drag persona Dame Edna, famous for her gladiolus and her famous catchphrase “Hello Possums” for more than 60 years.

For more than 70 years on stage, he was an entertainer to his core, touring until the last year of his life and planning more shows that sadly never happened,” the statement said. “His audience was precious to him, and he never took them for granted. He is in a hospital in Sydney. His family confirmed his death in a statement.

He was completely him at last. He did not lose his brilliant mind and unique spirit and intellectual courage. Although best known for his work in the theatre, the painter was also an art lover in the form of a writer, poet, and collector. His family said. He is loving and devoted.

Barry Humphries, the comedian who created Dame Edna Everage, has died
Barry Humphries, the comedian who created Dame Edna Everage, has died

His husband grandfather and father are friends to many. And it can be said that he is faithful. His death left a void for many. The characters he created have brought laughter to millions and have been immortalized. Australian Prime Minister Prime Minister Anthony Albanese paid tribute to Humphreys, noting that despite all the characters he created, “Barry will always be the brightest star in the galaxy.

He will remain in our hearts. Even though he is no longer in the world, his performances should always be in our hearts. It is usually sad to see such a man pass away from this world.” A great wit, a satirist, a writer, and a complete human being, he was both a gift and a gift. May he rest in peace,” he said.

Comedians Matt Lucas and Ricky Gervais paid tribute to Humphries, calling him a “comedy genius”. He is survived by his wife Lizzie Spender and four children.

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