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“Become a Cannabis Expert with UNR’s New Certificate Programs”

The University of Nevada has launched an online certificate program for cannabis education, designed to support locals seeking employment in the burgeoning cannabis industry. The program offers four different certifications, each specializing in a different aspect of the cannabis sector.

The program includes courses in cannabis agriculture and horticulture, compliance and risk management, medical applications, and the business of cannabis. According to Max Simon, CEO of Green Flower, the organization behind the program, the courses will provide participants with the foundational understanding of the industry, as well as the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in each sector of the cannabis market.

"Become a Cannabis Expert with UNR's New Certificate Programs"
“Become a Cannabis Expert with UNR’s New Certificate Programs”

The program’s online format allows participants to work at their own pace and fit learning around other commitments. Sara Bowen and Terri Larson, two recent graduates of the program, appreciated the flexibility that online learning offered and were eager to apply their new knowledge to their respective fields.

The certificate program aims to enhance the credibility of its participants and is especially important given the growing cannabis industry in Nevada.


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