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Belinda is back, Natasha Rothwell is in ‘White Lotus’ in season 3

“The White Lotus” is like Hotel California. You can check for the season, but you can leave now. Just ask Natasha Rothwell, who is returning to the hit HBO show for a third season. The upcoming season which was buzzing in the past will be set as a variety show in Thailand. In the first season, set in Hawaii, Rothwell’s character, gym director Belinda Lindsay, has a disturbing. a

fiery altercation with Jennifer Coolidge’s uber-fast resort guest, Tanya McQuaid. After getting into massage from Belinda, Tanya proposes going into business together. Belinda sees a bright future down from the hostel gym- and just as she meets her needs, Tanya, innocently, decides to move on.

By returning, Rothwell continued the Florilegium series’ subtle pattern of bringing back a familiar face among a brand new cast each season. Coolidge’s Tanya is the only Season One character to return in Season Two. What comes next for Belinda? Each season of the show is set in a different branch of the luxury hostel chain.

Belinda is back, Natasha Rothwell is in 'White Lotus' in season 3
Belinda is back, Natasha Rothwell is in ‘White Lotus’ in season 3

Maybe Belinda is working in a different hostel now. The show created by Mike White is an awards show darling, and Rothwell is the reason why. Her bravery landed her a supporting actress Emmy nomination for her work in one of nine nominations for season one.

The second season won five Emmys. Rothwell is best known for her work on a funnyman and extemporization pantomime, Issa Rae’s “Insecure,” another HBO show. Rothwell said her time as Kelly on “Insecure” set up “The White Lotus.”

“The confidence I had coming into ‘White Lotus’ revolved around what I started with ‘Insecure,'” Rothwell told the LA Times. ‘Insecure,’ there was no way I had that confidence — and the confidence I had as a pen to be able to pitch jokes and pitch moments to Mike White. him.


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