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Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon was an obnoxious roommate

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have been friends for decades, but Affleck’s love for Damon hasn’t stopped him from calling him an obnoxious roommate. While on The Late Late Show with James Corden…Affleck painted a grim picture of what it was like to live with Damon as they began their careers.

When James Corden asked if Damon was a good person to live with, Affleck agreed. Matt is a beautiful man. I love him he is my best friend he has been great to me for life. He was a smart guy and I told him I wouldn’t. He said suggested a way to live with him.

Apparently, Damon’s problem is that he doesn’t know how to choose himself. Living seemingly untidy. Affleck, who also shares an apartment with his younger brother Casey, said the siblings decided to have a “sit-down strike” so Damon could learn to clean up after himself.

Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon was an obnoxious roommate
Ben Affleck reveals that Matt Damon was an obnoxious roommate

God I’m covered in shit. We were going to wait and see how long he would stay up and go,” Affleck recalled. However, Damon still continued his messy ways. The apartment was allowed to pile up with a tree for two weeks.

I came home one day and Mart was playing with his shirt and T-shirt. I think it was a ’92 Sega hockey game that had garbage, pizza boxes in the room in the middle of it,” the Argo director recalled. I saw this sushi that was a week and a half old and had maggots.

We said, ‘We submit. You are very good. We can’t beat you. Thus, Affleck eventually regrets the self-proclaimed strike, especially after Bugs gets caught. He continued. He was just like, ‘Hey, what’s up, guys.’

Affleck jokingly offered blessings to Damon’s wife Luciana for putting up with her husband’s mess “God bless his wife. He also joked, “There’s a place for you in heaven.


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