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Describing the Season 2 Finale of ‘Ginny and Georgia’

The season 2 finale of Ginny and Georgia finally caught up with the Millers’ family secrets at their worst. Throughout the show’s second season, both Ginny and the audience learn the full truth of Georgia’s past, when her mother murdered her stepfather Kenny to protect her as a teenager struggling with processing.

By the final episode, both Ginny and her brother Austin must grapple with secrets to save their mother, including Austin’s formerly incarcerated father Gil, and Cynthia Fuller’s husband Tom (more on that later). Episode 10, “I’m No Cinderella”, begins the morning after the children witness Gil abusing Georgia, which ends with Austin shooting her father in the arm.

The entire family is shaken after the confrontation; While the kids are fuming after their fight, Georgia decides to cut and run, even canceling her wedding venue without telling Paul. In a flashback, we see that Georgia once pulled a gun on Gil, but she couldn’t bring herself to kill him. Instead, she cheated out of his company and framed him, which she knew how to do because he had already told her he was cheating on her.

Describing the Season 2 Finale of 'Ginny and Georgia'
Describing the Season 2 Finale of ‘Ginny and Georgia’

That’s how he went to jail and now he’s out, blackmailing Gil into paying for his life with Paul’s family money after he marries her. While Georgia plans the Millers’ escape from Gill and Wellsbury, Ginny is doing what she does best: obsessing over Marcus. Her father and Joe both notice and try to cheer her up as she goes on a somber auto-pilot all day.

Maxine is also in prime cheery friend mode, but Ginny is understandably distressed at the extent of Marcus’s depressive episode. However, when Max reveals that Marcus is resuming his medication, adding to how worried the entire family is, Ginny begins to understand that the boy needs a friend more than a girlfriend.

MANG’s attempts to cheer Ginny up include pre-gaming and Brady hanging out in the basement, while Georgia tries to calm her daughter down by describing Lake Powell’s beautiful sunsets. It takes a while for the teenager to realize that her mother is planting the idea of their next move, but eventually, she realizes that Georgia is ready to run again.

She calls the mount, Georgia and Paul’s precious wedding venue, and learns that Georgia has called off the wedding. Ginny confronts her mother about the mountain in a scene where Georgia finally talks about her fear. “I was a damaged, unlovable, trailer-park teenage mom killer. I didn’t belong here,” she says, expressing her insecurities about not fitting in at Wellsbury or anywhere else.

With the wisdom gained from the season of therapy, Ginny asks Georgia to tell Paul the truth and let him decide whether or not he should marry her. Surprisingly, Georgia listens and tells him everything (but not everything, of course). Of course, Paul arrives at Georgia’s house really anxious to unload all his stuff (minus Kenny).

Gil being framed for kidnapping, the actual heist from the mayor’s office, Gil blackmail, Nick’s boyfriend being a P.I., credit card fraud, a motorcycle gang, prison, shoplifting—and Paul finally getting angry, for one night of thinking when he goes out. The next morning, he calls Georgia to the mayor’s office, where his lawyer and a policeman are waiting.

It looks like he actually arrested her, but Gil shows up and Paul says his lawyer is ready for a custody battle and will put Gil back in jail if he keeps harassing his wife. Although Paul is still angry, he wants to marry Georgia, even though the couple has had a hard time. In her excitement, Georgia tells Ginny before she remembers that she canceled the gig until she got home from the office.

Fortunately, Ginny is clearly an avid wedding planner, and shortly after, she arranges for a beautifully decorated ceremony at City Hall and a horse-drawn carriage to transport the bride. The lovely ceremony goes off without a hitch, as Paul and Georgia exchange their unheard vows as “Until I Found You” plays. (I have to admit, the song got me.) Unfortunately, not everyone made it to the wedding.


As the couple’s colleague Nick prepares to leave, his boyfriend “Jesse” reveals his true identity, pleading with Georgia not to be who she is. The confession came with some rough timing, but it came after the investigator finally found the dirt that could put the bride behind bars. Georgia’s magical wedding ends when, during the first dance, the police arrive to arrest her for murder. By the end, we know that Georgia is a murderer. She poisoned two of her ex-husbands: Kenny, who had an affair with Ginny


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