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Directed by Northern Colorado’s Richard Barth to star Les Misérables

Starting this Wednesday, Les Misérables, one of the most beloved Broadway musicals, is scheduled to arrive in Denver. Richard Barth, a resident of northern Colorado, will serve as the resident director of the performance. Barth has been touring with the cast and crew of Les Misérables, and they have sold out performances across the country.

Barth is thrilled to bring the show to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and share it with the people he knows and loves in Colorado. He attributes the show’s success to its wide range of characters and underlying messages that can connect with audiences on different levels, especially its theme of redemption.

Barth’s work mainly takes place behind the scenes, where he enjoys watching his team thrive each night. He notes that audience members from all backgrounds and demographics can find at least one character or theme in the show that they can resonate with.

Directed by Northern Colorado's Richard Barth to star Les Misérables
Directed by Northern Colorado’s Richard Barth to star Les Misérables

During a behind-the-scenes tour of the production in Chicago, Barth pointed out that every detail of the show, from props to set designs, has ties back to Victor Hugo’s classic novel. The set designer used chalk drawings and paintings of Victor Hugo’s in the projections and design.

Les Misérables will be playing at the DCPA’s Buell Theater from May 10th to the 21st. Many of the shows are already sold out, and Barth is looking forward to sharing this crowd-favorite with many generations of Colorado theater lovers.

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