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Elon Musk’s ex unloads never seen before pics of the couple

Elon Musk’s ex is selling pictures of them as charmed, really young looking undergrads . At the point when they were both in their mid 20s and signed up for UPenn, Jennifer Gwynne dated the Tesla tycoon. As per the Dailymail, the couple dated for a year during which time she visited his model mother Maye, got to know his kin, and realized about his fantasies for electric vehicles. She currently dwells in South Carolina with her significant other and stepson.

She is as of now selling a few tokens from their relationship in the expectations that the income will go toward paying her stepson’s school costs subsequent to seeing him rule titles and different benefits from his big name status.

Elon Musk's ex unloads never seen before pics of the couple
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In a meeting with DailyMail on Monday, Gwynne, presently 48, said their relationship was “wonderful,” yet it needed love or “PDA” since Elon Musk went against both to an impressive degree.

They split up in 1995 when he moved to Palo Alto, about the time he began dating his most memorable spouse, Justine, whom he had additionally been seeing despite her good faith, as per her.

Elon marry his most memorable spouse Justine in 2000, and the couple before long had a family. Nevada, their most memorable youngster, unfortunately died from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in 2002.

Together, they had trios Damian, Kai, and Saxon notwithstanding the twins Xavier (presently Vivian) and Griffin.

2008 saw the separation of Elon and Justine. Following that, he marry the British entertainer Talulah Riley two times, first in 2010 and consequently in 2013. (the pair split in 2012 and accommodated the next year).

2016 saw the second separation between them. Afterward, he momentarily dated Amber Heard prior to settling down with Grimes. Both of their kids were conceived by means of substitute: Exa Dark Siderael was brought into the world in November of last year and X A-Xii Musk was brought into the world in 2020.

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