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Florida Hurricane 2022: Customers without power across Carolinas

Florida Hurricane 2022: Customers without power across Carolinas. Torrential rains in Florida. 25 lakh people are in trouble without electricity. Saint Petersburg: Florida is reeling from the blow of Hurricane Ian in America. A hurricane has sustained winds of 241 km/h in Southwest Florida. The house was submerged due to continuous rains. Sharks swim into many streets. Due to torrential rains, the power supply was interrupted. Many power supply pillars are collapsing. 25 lakh people are suffering from current or severe hardship.
According to the National Hurricane Center, this is the deadliest hurricane in US history. Flights have been suspended at Tampa and Orlando airports. According to the information, water has reached up to five feet inside the houses. Destruction is everywhere.

Journalists covering the hurricane news falling over due to the heavy waves are disturbing. Cell towers not working with the lack of electricity, relief efforts have become a sword battle. The Department of Defense revealed that nearly 5,000 National Guard personnel had been sent to Florida to help. President Joe Biden has promised to rebuild areas devastated by the hurricane.

Kevin Guthrie, director of Florida’s Division of Emergency Management, said Florida coast has been more than 700 rescues so far & that they are in “hasty search” mode, while the governor said more than 1,000 rescue personnel are going up and down in Florida.

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