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Guam island in America :Paracetamol is used to kill Brown tree snakes

Paracetamol, which we use to reduce fever, is used to kill snakes in America. It is a bit surprising to hear that it is true. In the American island of Guam, a species of snake is used to kill snakes in America.

Brown tree snakes popularly known as the brown catsnake, is an arboreal rear-fanged colubrid snake that is indigenous to eastern and northern coastal Australia, Papua New Guinea, as well as several islands in northwestern Melanesia.

Brown tree snakes in Guam island

It is also seen in eastern Indonesia (Sulawesi to Papua). The majority of Guam’s native bird population has been destroyed as a result of this snake, an invasive species. Moreover, it is one of the few colubrid s found in Australia, a continent where elapids are more prevalent.

Their number has increased in India and trying to control it is estimated that there are 30 lakhs in the island which is smaller than Hyderabad in area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAmerica.
:Before talking about the invasion of snakes above, we need to talk a little about the horse hoof, which is so dangerous to control that we have the horse hoof that is now growing in abundance in our ponds and canals.

Population control methods.

Newly designed aerial bait cartridges consist of dead mice with 80-mg acetaminophen tablets and a biodegradable streamer-like cartridge. The cartridge is designed to snag on trees where invasive brown tree snakes are known to feed. The cartridge and automated aerial bait delivery system were designed by Applied Design Corporation engineers and the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) Wildlife Services researchers. USDA photo by APHIS Wildlife Services.

Aerial bait cartridges consisting of biodegradable materials that include a dead mouse and an 80 mg paracetamol tablet are intended to be hanged from trees in places where brown tree snakes are an invasive Research have attempted to develop a trapping mechanism to lessen the negative effects of the brown tree snake on the surroundings.

In a mark-recapture study, the use of mice as bait has demonstrated significant reduction effects when paired with paracetamol, to which the snake is particularly sensitive, and has the potential for widespread application in Guam.

The additive effect of acetaminophen and mouse use results from a precisely defined treated plot with results corrected for immigration and emigration show a 0% survival rate for the brown tree snake.

This plant from the Amazon forests grows and becomes a problem. There are about 70000 of this species of snake from abroad
It is expected that the snake would have reached Kuan through the transit time from that island. Countries such as Sneha’s habitat gradually increased and they began to eat a variety of species, but the animals that ate the snake

The main target says the country has no natural enemies in the Americas that would be fatal to other species.

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