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H1 B VISA: 60 days Grace period only

H1 B VISA: Must get a new job within 60 days. Must get a new job within 60 days. After two months of job loss, i.e. within 60 days, you have to find a new job. Otherwise they have to go back to your country. 90 percent of every 200 employees lost their jobs. To this extent, they are sharing their feelings on social media. People with H1B visa are working on Twitter and LinkedIn. But they have only 60 days.

Twitter’s Elon job cuts so many jobs including CEO. Meta has cut 13 percent of its total staff. With this, the H1 B visa holder is disturbed. Facebook has laid off 11,000 employees amid growing challenges for the tech industry and falling revenues. Its percentage is 13 out of the total number of employees. CEO Mark Zuckerberg disclosed these things in a letter written to employees.

According to data from the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, they are considered ineligible to live in the US. Employees must either find another new job within 60 days or receive sponsorship from various US organizations. If these two fail, the US government will not allow them to live in their country.

H1 B VISA: 60 days Grace period only

While there is a 60-day grace period for H-1B visa holders, it’s a difficult task for workers on L-1 and O-1 visas. The US has announced that it is extending the work permit period for certain immigrant categories, including the spouses of H1B visa holders, by 18 months.

Many IT employees working in the US got some relief. The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement that the work permit period of those in the respective government departments will automatically increase from 180 to 540 days. Indo-American communities have welcomed the latest decision as it is enough for about 87 thousand immigrants.

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