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How Tucker Carlson Is Going to Live ‘Save the GOP’

Abby Grossberg, a former producer for Tucker Carlson, has made further claims about her former boss, stating that he believed he could broker a deal to make Kevin McCarthy the House Speaker live on his show.

According to co-hosts Andy Levy and Danielle Moodie on The New Abnormal podcast, Justin Wells, Carlson’s executive producer, told Grossberg about the plan. The idea was that McCarthy would first appear on the show and beg and grovel, followed by Matt Gaetz, who would set his terms.

How Tucker Carlson Is Going to Live 'Save the GOP'
How Tucker Carlson Is Going to Live ‘Save the GOP’

Then Carlson would set his terms that McCarthy would have to agree to, in order to save the Republican party. However, on Jan. 7, McCarthy was eventually elected without having to beg and grovel on Carlson’s show.

According to Moodie, McCarthy had agreed to some of Tucker’s terms in a call made from his office with Representative Thomas Massey. Carlson had sent a text saying that this was a win.

Fox News announced on April 24 that they had parted ways with Carlson, but did not provide any reasons for the decision.

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