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Humans Have Polluted Red Planet

Humans Have Polluted Red Planet( Mars): Humans have polluted Mars with 7118.6 kg of wastage. According to Cagri Kilic a postdoctoral research fellow in robotics at West Virginia University, the total mass of rockets sent to Mars is about 9979 Kg.
Humans have been exploring the Red Planet for about five decades ago. NASA hopes to send the first astronaut to Mars by 2030.

At present humans continue to explore this with the help of robots. The average mass of all rovers and orbiters sent to the planet was calculated 7000 Kg estimate. Scientists have calculated this approximate value after deducting the mass of working parts and equipment.

Mars Planet Photo polluted
Humans Have Polluted with 7118.6 kg of wastage.

About 14 different countries have sent spacecraft to Mars with different missions. NASA recently announced that the Mars rover found some debris on the Martian surface. Unfortunately, Cagri Kilic stated that there were three primary nets under the ruins.

Discarded garbage by human beings such as spaceships crossed spaceships etc. contribute to this garbage. He expressed concern that leaving such garbage would have a very serious impact on future missions to Mars.

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