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Kanye West: Twitter Account was Suspended violated the rule against incitement to violence

Kanye West: Kanye West’s Twitter account was suspended early Friday morning after Elon Musk said it violated the platform’s rules for inciting violence. I tried my best. Yet he violated our rules against inciting violence. The mask tweeted that the account would be suspended.

CNN has not confirmed which specific waste prompted the waste’s suspension. Earlier in the evening, West changed his legal yoga. Star of David with Swasti inside tweeted the altered image. In late October Waste YouTube was shared by WmgLab records.

The 16-minute video addresses the October death of George Floyd and antisemitic comments he made about Black Lives Matter and was recorded sometime after Adidas ended its business relationship.

Twitter Account was Suspended violated the rule against incitement to violence
Their Twitter Account was Suspended violating the rule against incitement to violence

with him, West has not apologized for his anti-Semitic comments but seems to have tried to distance himself from any hateful crowd. West concluded his remarks with a prayer saying, “I am not affiliated with any hate group.” I

t doesn’t matter if any hatred of any Jew occurs. CNN previously reported that several people close to West said he had a long-standing fascination with Adolf Hitler. And once Kashi wanted to name an album after the leader.

A business manager who worked for West told CNN that his obsession with the artist created a hostile work environment. It’s not the first time West has lashed out at Twitter, with Twitter locking West’s account for an anti-semitic tweet before Musk finalized a deal to buy the social media platform in October.


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