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MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo has died

MasterChef Australia host Jack Zonfrillo has died aged 46, according to a message from his family and a statement from the show’s broadcaster. Johnfrillo, a Scottish-Australian father of four who was a judge on a popular TV cooking competition, was found dead by police in Melbourne early on Monday.

“With completely broken hearts and not knowing how we will get through life without him, we are deeply saddened to share that Jack has passed away,” his family said in a statement on social media.

Jack Zonfrillo is a Scottish-Italian chef and restaurateur who rose to fame as one of the judges and hosts of the popular Australian cooking competition MasterChef Australia. He is widely recognized for his culinary skills, unique cooking style, and charismatic personality.

MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo has died
MasterChef Australia host Jock Zonfrillo has died

Zonfrillo was born on November 17, 1976, in Glasgow, Scotland to an Italian father and a Scottish mother. He grew up in a multicultural family where food played an important role in family life. As a child, he developed a deep love for cooking and was inspired by his grandmother’s traditional Italian recipes.

After completing his formal education, Zonfrillo began his culinary career at some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants, including the 3-Michelin-starred restaurant Marco Pierre White in London. In 2000, he moved to Australia and opened his restaurant Orana Restaurant in Adelaide, which became one of the country’s most popular dining destinations.

Zonfrillo’s culinary style is heavily influenced by his Scottish-Italian heritage and his deep respect for local Australian ingredients. He became a champion of indigenous Australian ingredients and worked with indigenous communities to preserve and promote their culinary traditions.

In 2019, Zonfrillo joined the MasterChef Australia judging panel, replacing celebrity chef George Calombaris. He quickly gained a fan following with his witty comments, honest critiques=] and contagious enthusiasm for food. He has also received critical acclaim for his appearances on various cooking shows, including The Chef’s Line and Chef’s Table.

In addition to his television work and restaurant ventures, Zonfrillo is a passionate advocate for social and environmental causes. He founded the Orana Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Indigenous food culture in Australia, and is a UNICEF Australia National Ambassador.

In 2021, Zonfrillo received the Order of Australia for culinary arts and services to Indigenous communities. He is widely regarded as one of Australia’s most talented and influential chefs, and his influence on the country’s culinary scene is incalculable.

In conclusion, Jack Zonfrillo is a truly remarkable individual whose culinary arts and contributions to indigenous communities have brought him national and international recognition. He is an inspiration to aspiring chefs and a beloved figure in the Australian culinary world.

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